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Hero Club is a unique serialized podcast that takes the creators' Dungeons & Dragons sessions and edits them down into fast-paced and entertaining Radio-Plays complete with sound effects and music.

Sep 22, 2020

In the thrilling conclusion of Paid Back In Spades, Hank heads to Rykers to free Charlie and take on Marble Mouth once and for all, but Marble Mouth has a full house and is ready to play his hand. 

George Primavera - DM, Dick McCoy

Nick Williams - Hank Blackstone

Jack Quaid - Big Charlie

Matthew McCollum - Anti-Charlie

Dylan McCollum - Marble Mouth

Haley Joel Osment - Count Vanderhorne

Lelia Symington - Jan McComb 

Helen Laser - Receptionist

Clay Westman - Guard

Paolo Perez - Guard