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Hero Club is a unique serialized podcast that takes the creators' Dungeons & Dragons sessions and edits them down into fast-paced and entertaining Radio-Plays complete with sound effects and music.

Aug 30, 2022

When you have a job needs doing, and are looking for the convenience only a massive corporation can provide, you turn to The Galaxy's one-stop shop for sundries, e-books, and ruthless mercenaries. Sign up for Valdivia Premiere today to get expedited delivery times and killer holiday discounts!


George Primavera: DM, Various

Dylan McCollum: Phil from Valdivia

Jon Matteson: CRSU-98455

Hannah Fagerbakke: Bertrude Bluepool

Gabe Greenspan: Papa Roach

Jackie Emerson: Whitney

Jeffrey Robb: Beauregard

Helen Laser: Valdivian Guide