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Hero Club is a unique serialized podcast that takes the creators' Dungeons & Dragons sessions and edits them down into fast-paced and entertaining Radio-Plays complete with sound effects and music.

Jun 14, 2021

Our team of treasure hunters board a luxury railway looking for an easy trip to Moscow, but when tragedy strikes on board, they get tangled up in a caper for the ages. 

George Primavera - DM, Nickelback

Nick Williams - "Bones" Mahoney

Marty Abbe-Schneider - Sir Theobald Daringcroft

Lelia Symington - Jade Pickitt

Dylan McCollum - Vanya Baranov

Gabe Greenspan - Detective Calatabiano

Matthew McCollum - Adrian

Jackie Emerson - Karine Balandin

Adam Rice-Carlson - Various Attendants